O2 have just announced a great new service on their network whereby customers can now make and receive calls using Wifi or 4G, without the need for 3rd party apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or O2’s own TU Go.

This is good news for all O2 customers but particularly those who have poor in-building coverage. Additionally, all Wifi and 4G Calling users should notice fewer calls being dropped and a higher audio quality. With one update, O2 has vastly improved the experience of communicating via a mobile.

From launch, it’s only available on the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, but other devices will follow shortly afterwards.

Once set up on your phone, there’s no need to sign up to any new tariffs or install any apps, the phone manages everything internally. There’s no cost to activate it and all usage comes out of your monthly voice/ minutes allowance.

What’s more, if you’re in London, Leeds or Slough (more areas will be added over time) and make a call in the office via your Wifi, you won’t lose signal if you happen to wander out of signal area, out to lunch or off for a meeting, the call will seamlessly move to the O2 4G network.

You can use Wifi calling wherever there’s Wifi, including the London Underground, where O2 Wifi is available via Virgin Media.

Wifi & 4G Calling is not available abroad yet, however you can use O2 Travel in Europe of the Rest of World 24 Hour Pass for cost effective calls and data.