Last Saturday a group of CCS colleagues decided to brave the elements, step out of their comfort zone and took part in the Tough Mudder race.

Our Finance & Admin Mgr, Helene Deane, led the brigade and gave us a summary of the event:

“The day started out at 8.30am, 7 of us in a cold field in Horsham  – a perfect way to start a Saturday! 

Our start time was 10am so we enjoyed the pre-event warm up which involved jumping up and down like crazy and screaming in each other’s faces!!

The event then started….

10 miles, consisting of running and walking (Bobbie and I) through the forest with obstacles thrown in about every 1/2 mile. Most of the obstacles consisted of mud and cold water! One was an iced cold water bath you slid down a chute to get into (as you do).

It took us just over 4 hours to complete the course – freezing cold, soaking wet, covered in mud! After the event, Ahmed (one of the team who took part) named us ‘The Magnificent Seven’. 

But it was worth every minute and we’ll definitely be doing it again next year!!!”

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