In September, many business leaders around the country expect to see an influx of staff returning to the office; following a trend which some European countries have already started. Morgan Stanley published a survey beginning of August, stating that 34% of workers in the UK were working from their normal office location following lockdown. Germany, Spain and Italy meanwhile showed a 75% and France even an 83% return rate.

With schools re-opening beginning of September, many parents feel relief about the end of home schooling and the ability to regain normality. A survey conducted by Jefferies during lockdown, stated 61% of more than 1,500 UK respondents said they would return to work immediately when they can. Now that most office workers can safely return, we wanted to look at some of the benefits of working from the office, despite the obvious benefit to the economy:

  • The return to normality – being in the office or at your typical location will help employees get into their usual routine and give more structure to their working day

  • Increased time management – working from the office enables punctuality; having set working hours and lunch breaks which help to discipline you and keep you focused

  • Communication with employees – a face to face meeting over a coffee and catching up on business-critical tasks is sometimes more appropriate than emails or video calls

  • Less distraction compared to being at home

  • Increased productivity – in the office you have all your resources, your colleagues and the correct environment to just simply get things done

  • Boost your mental health – after working from home for several months many people have felt loneliness; Finder UK found that 30.9% of workers in the UK say they felt lonely when working from home therefore returning to the office can increase social wellbeing

  • Support your local businesses around your offices such as café’s and independent shops

How can CCS help?

Speak to one of our specialists about how our technology and solutions can make your offices a safer working environment, which includes contactless printing to streamlining document workflows helping to increase efficiency across your departments.

Our Office Supplies Team can also help with a range of PPE products to help employers and employees feel safe in their work environment and protected from COVID-19.

Some of the products we offer include:

  • Desk Screens

  • Sanitiser dispensers

  • Cleaning products

  • Masks

  • Safety goggles

  • ‘Return to work’ supply pack

  • Visors and ‘socially distance’ signs

Click the link below to see what else we can offer to keep you safe in returning back to the office.

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