Each month we interview one of our colleagues at CCS, so we can get to know the people behind the company a bit better. This month we caught up with Peter Bentley-Whittaker, our Production Print Specialist:

“Hi, I’m Pete and I live in Leicester with my amazing wife, Lisa, and my 2 crazy boys, Jack and Mason. To add to the chaos we have a savage cockerpoo called Digby, I thought it would be easier than another kid (it’s not!)

Outside of work, when I’m not being a dad, kids football coach or running coach, I enjoy doing various activities with my friends and family. Such as mud runs, CrossFit and Mountain biking which is usually followed by a session in the pub. I also enjoy running, I have ran a few half marathons and one day I hope I will get a place in the London marathon.

Favourite singers/groups: Oasis, U2

Favourite song/albums: Cigarettes and Alcohol

Favourite Films: Pulp Fiction, Grown ups 1 & 2 Die hard and happy Gilmore

Favourite Actor/Actresses: Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler, Angelina Jolie

Favourite TV Shows: Friends, Prison Break, Game Of Thrones

Favourite Holiday Destination: Italy

Favourite Drink: Lager, Savion Blanc and Baileys

Favourite Books/Authors: No time for reading but the last book I read was the celestine Prophecy

Favourite Animal: Polar Bears are awesome.

“I have been with Corona for 5 months but have worked in the industry for 17 years, Corona is fast moving company which I am really enjoying, I have been given more opportunities and look forward to growing with the company.”