Each month we interview one of our colleagues at CCS, so we can get to know the people behind the company a bit better. This month, we caught up with Nicholas Thomas, who is part of our service engineer team:

Hello, my name is Nicolas and I live in Gloucester with my wife of 16 years, Clare. We have three children together: Oscar who is 13, Rex 6 and Violet 4.

Outside of work – I have a keen interest in Rugby, in which I am a season ticket holder at Gloucester rugby club. I have been involved in some coaching at a local club but at the moment I am taking a year out. I also enjoy seeing the parks and the countryside; my family and I are members of the National Trust. As well as this, I am a keen gardener, even cutting the lawn is very relaxing for me! When I have a lot of free time, I enjoy a day out fishing, however I wouldn’t recommend taking the wife and kids!

Favourite Musicians: Half Man Half Biscuit, REM and Joy Division. Although, I will listen to anything from Blues to classical.

Favourite Album: I would say the best ever is ‘Camell Laird Social Club’, by the mighty Half Men Half Biscuit, however my favourite album of 2019 has to be ‘Pity Party’ by Liz Lawrence.

Favourite Films: The Blues Brothers, The Life of Brian, Young Frankenstein and The Blazing Saddles.

Favourite Actors/Actresses: Gene Wilder and Madeline Khan, who were in some of my favourite films, as well as John Candy and John Belushi.

Favourite TV show: Modern Family; I could watch this again and again! Also, Persons of interest was a good watch.

Favourite Holiday Destination: Portugal is fantastic, especially the Porto area. It is a big city with a beautiful beach, and not many tourists around. A favourite family holiday destination of mine would be Cornwall or Devon; Rex loves a ship wreck.

Favourite Food: Curry or full English breakfast.

Favourite Drink: Our local tipple of Cider, or a good pint of IPA.

Favourite Book: My favourite book to read, when I am not reading the Gruffalo or Stick Man, has got to be a bit of Sci-Fi. EE Doc Smith or Asimov are great.

Favourite Animal: Budgies, I have always enjoyed keeping Budgies, they are fantastic birds with great personalities.