In our last addition of our ‘Meet the Team’ series we met with Emma Bull, next to go under the spotlight is Milcent Nhandara one of our Call Planners on our Service Desk.

“Hi, my name is Milcent but go by Millie. I live in Hatfield, not far from Hertford, but was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Hatfield. My first ever job, I as a professional Cheerleader for Saracens Rugby Club; thoroughly enjoyed it, it helped with my confidence as I used to be so shy, but now…you’ll always find me talking to someone new. I have no kids and no pets although if I had the money, a dog sanctuary would be ideal. I’m obsessed with dogs that I am a member of BorrowMyDoggy, this means I pay to walk other people’s dogs when I’m bored. I have a huge phobia of cats, I cant even see pictures of them without having a huge freak out, if I see one in person, I have panic attacks so I tend to avoid visiting homes with cats.

I’ve worked for Corona for the past month as a Call Planner and am so lucky to be part of the team I’m on. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and I’m so grateful.

Outside of work I love spending time with family and friends. I come from a huge family and they are my absolute world. I love a good brunch and you’ll always find me in a pub garden at the weekend when weather’s good and I basically hibernate in the winter, love a nap. (if that counts as a hobby it’s my favourite thing to do)

I don’t like football but I love a good accumulator at the weekend.”

Favourite singers / groups– Eric Bellinger, Donell Jones, SoMo, Silverstein, All American Rejects, Mariah Carey

Favourite songs / Albums – Favourite Song by Eric Bellinger, Beating Hearts Baby – Head Automatica, Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard

Favourite Films – Anything DC or MARVEL, The Hate U Give, The Notebook…..There’s way too many to mention

Favourite Actor / Actresses – Kelan Lutz, Mehcad Brooks, Scott Eastwood, Henry Carvill, Regina King & Reece Witherspoon

Favourite TV shows – Narcos, How to get away with murder, the Handmaids tale, Power, Game of thrones, like the films….I have way too many favourites that I cant list lol

Favourite Holiday Destination – Marbella, Paris (my favourite place to visit in the summer), Honduras, Zanzibar, , Zimbabwe & Dominican Republic

Favourite Drink – Water…..but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love a good cocktail and a pink gin & lemonade

Favourite Book/ Authors – Any book by RH Sin, Rupi Kaur, Reyna Biddy….I love poetry

Favourite Animal – Dogs

“I’m so grateful to be part of the CCS team, for the first time in a very long time I can honestly say, I don’t dread waking up to go to work. We really do have a great team here.”