In our ongoing series of ‘Meet the Team’ where each month we interview one of our colleagues, you may remember in August we spoke to Barry Morgan from the Technical Department, this month we caught up with Janet Bowerman, our Executive Operations Manager.

“Hi, my name is Janet. I live in Soham, a small town in Cambridgeshire, but was born and raised in London. I’ve been with my partner, Rik, for 12 years now. No kids. I’ve worked for Corona for 19 years, starting as a Temp in our Telecoms division.

Outside of work I enjoy the usual things – spending time with family and friends (especially my lovely little niece and nephew, who I adore), eating out, going to concerts/shows, etc. I also enjoy going to the gym, when I can.

I’m really into Formula One, my favourite driver being Lewis Hamilton. I’ve never been to a race, but it is on my ‘bucket list’ to go all out VIP one day at the British Grand Prix.

I’m also a massive Michael Jackson fan. I saw him in concert at Wembley in 1997, which was absolutely fantastic and a memory I’m glad I’ll always have now that he is no longer with us.”

Favourite singers / groups– Michael Jackson, George Michael, The Beatles. I like current music from singers like Dua Lipa and Anne-Marie, but I wouldn’t say they’re my ‘favourite’.

Favourite songs / Albums – Obviously anything by MJ but if I had to single any out I’d say ‘Remember the time’ and ‘Rock with you’. Donell Jones – ‘You know what’s up’, The B52’s – ‘Loveshack’ (My karaoke song!) and Hall & Oates – ‘You Make My Dreams’ (such a good ‘feel good’ track).

Favourite Films – Too many to mention, I’m a big movie person.. The Wedding Singer, Terminator 2, A Few Good Men, The Abyss, The Perfect Storm, Jurassic Park (Series), Jerry Maguire, to name a few.

Favourite Actor / Actresses – Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Sandra Bullock, Idris Elba, Gary Oldman, Sir Patrick Stewart, Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, Tom Hardy

Favourite TV shows – Again, how do I pick, there’s loads! I really enjoy older US shows like The Wire, 24, The Shield, but also current ones like Suits, The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones. Star Trek (Next Gen & Voyager). I’ve just finished the Peaky Blinders series and can’t wait for the new season to come on, it’s so good!

Favourite Holiday Destination – Florence, Italy.

Favourite Drink – Wine, Beer, Tea (‘normal’ and Green).

Favourite Book/ Authors – I really enjoy learning about different things by reading non-fiction, so I can’t say I have a favourite book or author. The last book I read was The Machine That Changed the World by James Womack, Daniel Jones, and Daniel Roos.

Favourite Animal – Cats

“I really enjoy working at Corona. The saying ‘the people make the company’ is so true. We all work hard, with a common goal, which is to provide a great service to our customers, but we have fun and support each other along the way, which is just how it should be.”