Each month we’re interviewing a CCS team member, to showcase the people who make Corona the company it is. This month we spoke to Steve Jordan, one of our valued colleagues in Customer Care and, an interesting fact, Corona employee number 1!

“Hi, my name is Steve Jordan. Not a true South London boy as I was born in Ross-on-Wye, but I’ve lived in London, south of the Thames, since I was three years old. I’m married with four children, (not children anymore, only one left at home!).

A keen sports fan, I pretty much love any sport, but I’ve been a big supporter of Crystal Palace football club since the age of 4 and the whole family are season ticket holders.

I enjoy the great outdoors, walking, hiking, canoeing, am a keen swimmer (swim at least 3 times a week). I’m also an Actor and Singer.

For some time now a few of my colleagues have been badgering me to bring in a photo of me in my youth. They don’t believe I had long hair and, in fact, it got even longer than in this pic! This is me on stage as a teenager (check out that fringe!).

Favourite singers / groups – Very eclectic musical taste including Bach, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Shastakovich, pretty much any choral work. I love screaming guitars so Jeff Beck, Jo Bonamassa (pretty sure he has inherited Jimi Hendrix’ soul). Pink Floyd ,Coldplay. Bob Marley, Ian Dury, Elbow, the list could go on and on…

Favourite Songs / Albums – Has to be Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. My favourite track would be ‘Any colour you like’ (screaming guitars again)

Favourite Films – More theatre than film but; Midnight Express, Jacobs Ladder or more recently Lion.

Favourite actor / actress – Robert Carlyle, Idris Elba, Kenneth Branagh or David Alwyn

Favourite TV shows – Anything Dramatic, Wallander or Luther

Favourite Holiday destination – South of France

Favourite Drink – Gin or Beer

Favourite Food – Can’t beat a Nandos

Favourite Books / Authors – Ben Aaronovitch Rivers of London series

Favourite animal – Have to say cats. Especially big Cats Love watching Tigers.

I love working for Corona. People work hard but generally enjoy themselves – we all have the ability to laugh at ourselves as well as laugh along with others which makes it a good place to work.”