With Businesses working hard to get back on their feet and schools reopening last month, we wanted to share our insights on print solution software and how these can save your business time and money whilst protecting the environment.

What is print solution software?

Print Solution software is a simple user-friendly, low-cost application that can be beneficial to your school, university or business in achieving the most from your printers and multifunction devices (MFD’s) whilst maintaining security of information, as well as environmental sustainability.

What does print solution software offer?

  • Provides users or departments with simple accounts of their usage, showing what they are printing and copying from their device
  • Can help you save money by charging back to users for every print, scan and copy. However, if you are not charging your users, you can give them limits to help with budgeting and lowering costs
  • Users can see how much a job will cost, before it happens, allowing them to delete jobs that are unnecessary to print
  • You can receive reports on your device for online viewing, printing or exporting
  • Secure print release – places jobs in a ‘holding state’ until user logs in and sends to release
  • Login access with range of methods: Pin code, username and passcode, swipe card
  • Print archiving – gives total visibility of your users print jobs with an admin interface
  • For businesses: client billing – select an account and they will send a trackable bill, making invoicing that much easier
  • Many software’s allow you to print from your mobile phone; taking away complexities when working across different operating systems, file formats and brands

How will they help to secure and protect your printing?

  • Safeguard measures against breaches
  • Verifies user identity
  • Traces all print jobs
  • Meets GDPR compliance requirements
  • Secured API’s – Papercut uses authentication tokens coupled with IP address filtering to ensure API calls are from a trusted source
  • Sandboxing – Isolation techniques are used to add layers into the system so a compromise in one area does not open up the whole system

How will they save you money and protect the environment?

  • Print solution software can help you save money and protect the environment in the following ways:
  • Helps to minimalize printing tasks: Print solution can help you identify which print jobs are the priority
  • Introducing solid stock management framework will enable your business to reduce the amount of print that is wasted.
  • Detailed reports on your device: making it easy to track users, departments and clients on their usage and their environmental impacts. These reports can be emailed to any specific person, removing manual efforts.
  • Print policies: Track and control your printing/copying on users/departments/class/client by suggesting environmentally friendly options for example double-sided printing or grayscale printing.
  • Print Credit: Give users pre-paid top up cards which can be created in bulk, the user buys the card, enters the unique code into their Papercut UI, then they’re ready to go!

If you have a query about print solution software please email [email protected] or click the link below.


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