2020 has been a difficult year for all businesses surviving COVID-19. Many have had to adapt their working practices and find new ways of reaching their customers, reducing spend and providing for their employees.

Below are some things we believe had helped businesses surviving COVID-19 this year:

  • New use of Technology: Remote working has meant that colleagues and meetings no longer have to be face to face. By using software such as Teams, Zoom and Skype, meetings now have reduced journey times and cost of travel whilst still providing the same level of service
  • Determined Employees: This has been a crucial element of success for most businesses. Employees have pushed themselves to new levels. By adapting to the new ways of working, employees have worked with more limited resources, under tighter deadlines and increased workloads. This has allowed businesses to reduce costs and still achieve good workflow. Although this is not sustainable forever, most businesses are now finding a good balance between efficiency and employee satisfaction
  • TEAMWORK: Teams have had to come together during this time more than ever. Many departments are likely working together where they may not have before. This helps to create a team culture and allows new ideas to more easily come to light
  • SACRIFICE: Downsizing or relocating office space has been a necessary action for many businesses. Although this can be hard, it does allow for reduced costs and can help in making teams better streamlined
  • #LEARNABILITY – The ability for an organisation or individual to quickly learn new skills, taking new areas of responsibility and adapt with the changing times is critical to business survival. Equally many have found new opportunities and markets that they may not have done if they had remained in their comfort zone. Learnability is crucial for businesses to go above and beyond, especially during this tough time.

These are simply a selection of the many factors that businesses are considering in these difficult times. CCS is always happy to help better optimise your technology or consolidate your costs into one package.

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Published On: November 18th, 2020 / Categories: Company News, Industry News /