With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into force as of May 25th 2018, many businesses have reviewed the way they store and process data.

Below, we have outlined common document security mistakes business make and how Corona Corporate Solutions may be able to better protect your business.

Not Collecting Print Jobs

That pile of uncollected prints left on your device is more than just an irritation, it is a security risk. Whilst the majority of the documents will be harmless, the uncollected e-mail with personal information at the bottom of the pile is not the sort of information you want to be lying around.

How Corona Corporate Solutions can help – We offer secure authentication printing features such as Papercut. This way print jobs will only be released & collected when the user has authenticated themselves at the machine.

Thinking Documents are secure

Every time you print or scan a document it is at risk of being intercepted and stolen. Depending on the nature of the documents you are sending, this could result in a serious data breach.

Any document, simply put, is not safe. Say you were to mistype an email address when sending a file, the recipient would be able to view your private documents. What’s more with the correct software they could edit that document.

How Corona Corporate Solutions can help – Setting up print security software that allows you to password protect all documents, including PDFs containing sensitive information. Password protection ensures that should they end up in the wrong hand your documents will remain secure.

Not Securing your Hard Drive

Today’s MFPs (Multi-Functional Printers) not only print, copy & scan your documents, but they also store them. Your device’s hard drive is a potential goldmine of sensitive data.

How Corona Corporate Solutions can help- We offer a service to securely erase all data when disposing of old machines

Not Training your Employees

A business could invest in the most advanced documents security solution but unless staff are trained to use the security features correctly, your sensitive data will be left exposed.

How Corona Corporate Solutions can help – Corona Corporate Solutions will deliver, install and train your employees on all hardware and software.

Don’t hesitate, contact your account manager or the sales department 020 7503 3000 to discuss print management solutions.

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