In a world where the demands on our time are increasing at a rapid pace, with no sign of slowing down, there is a growing need for companies to look within at their current workforce and how they can adapt themselves to maximise effectiveness and efficiencies to deal with today’s commercial needs and pressures.

The spread of home working, and evolution of the tools available, is opening up a new range of possibilities for the way businesses can work and structure themselves. With increasing numbers of employees working at home – or using home as a working base for at least part of the week – it’s clear that companies are seeing the many benefits this form of working can bring, not only to themselves, but to their staff:

  • Improved employee retention
  • Productivity gains – less distractions and office noise
  • Better work/life balance
  • Increase staff motivation
  • Convenience – particularly for those who travel far to work or working parents
  • Financial benefits – less money spent on travel
  • Time – less time commuting – time can now be spent either working or enjoying life
  • Reduced office space required, hotdesking and shared desks becoming more and more common
  • Fewer sick days – a survey by Canada Life found that homeworkers took less days sick leave than full time office workers
  • Improved employer options on recruitment – millennials, in particular, require a good work/life balance and see homeworking as a natural part of many roles
  • Less ‘appointment’ disruption – dentist and doctor appointments can take place during lunch times for home workers, meaning less impact on the rest of the team
  • Improved company image – homeworking companies are often viewed as dynamic, forward thinking and that they care about their staff

We at Corona Corporate Solutions pride ourselves on our adaptability, especially when it comes to our employees and offer remote working to our employees. We have several remote workers based throughout the U.K. and one of those is Paul Shanks who has written a small segment about a day in the life of a remote worker at Corona:

“Last year I relocated to Newcastle upon Tyne after living in London for several years. I had worked remotely previously but only one or two days a week and the move to becoming a permanent home worker seemed like a daunting prospect. Thankfully, the transition was seamless.

Apart from my surroundings and day to day interactions my job hasn’t changed. I mirror my day to day as if I were in the office, I take my lunch at the same time and still have scheduled meetings & group discussions and thanks to things like Skype for Business I can take my seat and be an active participant.

I am as disciplined as I always was in the office so I don’t blur the line between home and work, I have a designated work area and once the day is done I lock it away.

Corona is such an exciting and forward thinking company and I am proud I can continue to be part of the success and growth. I feel so privileged that Corona have afforded me this opportunity and will be forever thankful to them.”

One of the benefits of our Horizon hosted telephony service is that Paul was able to unplug his phone at the office on the Friday when he left work and plug it in in Newcastle on Monday morning and work immediately, with the same contact number, same internal extension. It’s that easy.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your telephone system can help you maximise efficiencies at your workplace, please give us a call. Our sales team are ready and waiting to take your call – 020 7503 3000