We were recently invited to sponsor one of our valued clients, VMI, in two bike rides they were organising in aid of the landmine charity MAG (Mines Advisory Group).

The first ‘Superheroes’ ride, a 14 hour, 223km journey from London to Bristol, was completed last weekend.

Barry Bassett, Managing Director of VMI commented:

I don’t mind admitting that it was harder than I had anticipated. It took us 14 hours to complete and was much harder with a strong headwind on the first day. Also, the pounding of the stones made me cycle out of the saddle for the last 2.5 hours, which was really draining!

The second ride, scheduled for 11-12 September, is London to Amsterdam, which is a 257 mile trip (including ferry crossing).


Every day 18 people are maimed or killed by landmines. The tragedy is that mostly this affects children, who are just playing. These are innocent lives that are taken away or changed forever.

Working tirelessly all around the world, MAG has removed more than 4.7 million landmines and unexploded items – each one of which could have destroyed lives. Their work has helped more than 17.7 million people in conflict-affected communities in over 40 countries since 1989. After MAG makes land safe, schools are improved and new ones constructed and refurbished, new homes built and agricultural land freed up.

We are proud to support this great cause and to have our logo on the cycle jerseys, journeying with the riders every km of the way.

VMI have not reached their target of £10,000 yet. If you’d like to sponsor, please see the link below to their dedicated JustGiving page.