We really enjoy talking about and celebrating the relationships we have our with our partners.

Turner Business Consultants T/A Workplace Safety Solutions have been providing Corona Corporate Solutions with advice and guidance on all Health and Safety matters for the last two years.

They wrote and helped us implement our company Health and Safety Policy and to ensure we are getting the most from it, our advisor carries out monitoring visits, as well as six monthly management reviews.

TBC also carry out our risk assessments, both fire and workplace, as well as monitoring our site specific activities.

More recently, they introduced us to a new way of training, eLearning. We have started training our staff this way using the Fire Safety and Fire Marshal training, which has saved on classroom time and is much more cost efficient.

To find out more about Turner Business Consultants, please visit www.tbconsult.co.uk where you can subscribe to their monthly newsletter, TBC Times, which is full of safety and health news, useful information bulletins and some lighter-hearted topics.