Last Saturday a group of CCS colleagues once again decided to brave the elements, step out of their comfort zone and take part in the Tough Mudder race.

Tough mudder is an endurance event of high obstacles set over 10 miles of mud and iced water, designed to test you to your limit. It is not a race, it’s about teamwork, camaraderie and accomplishing something extraordinary.

This year, team CCS was made up of 23 CCS colleagues headed up by our Finance & Admin Mgr, Helene Deane.

Of the day Helene said:

From the beginning the team work and determination was incredible, one of the sayings at Tough Mudder is “Leave no Mudder behind” Team Corona lived up to that throughout the whole course.

At Corona we strive to make Corona the best working place possible a huge part of that is to ensure we have good people and we all work as a team. Well guys we smashed it!!  We all dug deep, pushed through the barriers, got climbed up/on/over, dangled by legs to help teammates up obstacles.

You guys were phenomenal!!.  I could not have asked for a better team.

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