CCS are proud to be taking part in the Government’s ‘Kickstart Scheme’, an exciting new scheme offering six-month job placements to those aged 16-24, who are currently out of work.

COVID-19 has put a huge strain on young people’s careers, therefore this scheme is a fantastic opportunity for those who are struggling with employment, to really get their foot in the door, with the potential of their role becoming permanent at the end of the six-month placement.

The Government’s Kickstart Scheme has opened up opportunities for young employees and has allowed them to gain experience in the workplace and be part of the growing CCS family.

We have welcomed new people into our Copier, Telecoms and Office Supplies sales teams, all of whom were determined to get trained up and stuck into their new role at CCS.

To talk about this further we spoke to one of our new kick-starters Jennifer; who recently joined our Print/Copier telesales team.

Jennifer has recently graduated from University and told us the scheme has been extremely beneficial as it allowed her to take on this exciting new and challenging experience, as her first role after leaving Uni.

Although working remotely and therefore the slight obstacle of gaining extra support from our experienced sales people, this has not stopped Jennifer from widening her knowledge by picking up and learning new skills and growing alongside CCS. Jennifer tells us overall she has really enjoyed her first couple of weeks with us and hopes to learn a lot more during her time with us!

Published On: December 15th, 2020 / Categories: Company News /