Print Management Customer Service Plan


All Service matters are dealt with by our Support team. They are the point of contact to internal and external customers, resellers & partners.

The Corona Corporate Solutions Support team are fully trained on all products offered in our portfolio.

All customers can expect to be treated by our team in a professional, fair and impartial manner, with the utmost courtesy and respect. We endeavour to deliver a quality service, in accordance with the highest standards of effectiveness, efficiency and integrity.

To report a fault on a Print device, Application or Software product, please contact us via either of the below methods:

Support Team contact telephone number:

Support Team contact email address:

Standard Contract support hours:

0333 241 3344

Monday to Friday, 08:30-17:30


When reporting your fault, either via telephone or email, our Support team will gather all necessary information from you at the first point of contact.

The following information will be required:

Serial Number and/or Company Name and/or Post Code

Contact Name 

Contact Telephone Number

Contact Email Address

Detailed Description of Fault 

This information is entered on to our Service Management software and a Call Reference Number is raised and issued to you. An email notification confirming the call details will also be sent to you

This case reference number is used during the life of your fault until resolution.

Should you need to speak to our team regarding an update, please quote this unique case reference so that we are able to assist you.

The call will be subject to Call Vetting, so depending on the reported problem you may receive a call from one of the Vetting Team engineers, this is intended to try and minimise any downtime on your device.

In the event that you do not receive a call from the Vetting Team, a technician will contact you to notify you that he/ she has been assigned to your fault and their anticipated arrival time.

In the event that a part is required which is not carried by our engineer, a new call will be logged for a return visit and you will be contacted by our Support team to inform you of the date & time for the return visit.

When the call is complete, you will receive an email confirming the call closure details.


Toner can be ordered by contacting the Service Desk via the Telephone number or email above.

If requesting by email, please ensure that you provide all the required information (above) along with a description of the toner needed.


In addition to placing a Toner order via our Support team, we are also able to replenish your toner without the need for you to contact us as your toner requirements will be sent by your print device into our Service Support desk. Upon receipt, your toner order will be placed and dispatched within 3 working days, before the current unit expires.

The software is designed to detect when the toner has reached a threshold of 20% remaining in each cartridge, based upon the device usage.

For enquiries about adding automatic toner replenishment to your account, please contact our Support team. This can be installed at no additional cost.


Another feature of the Toner replenishment software is that Corona is able to collect your meter readings remotely. This means no more manual meter reading and guaranteed accurate billing with no estimated readings.


Corona Corporate Solutions will, upon request, relocate your Photocopier, either internally or externally.

Should you wish to use this service, please contact our Support team and ask for the Logistics Department.

Following receipt of the location details, you will be provided with a quotation for the works required, which will include:

  • De-Installation of your equipment by one of our Service Engineers
  • Collection, transportation and delivery by a specialist carrier to the new location
  • Re-Installation of your equipment by one of our Service Engineers, which include full functional testing
  • If required, product training for any users at the new location can be provided


Corona Corporate Solutions are proud to offer bespoke SLA’s to meet with our clients’ business requirements.

These agreements can include any of the following:

  1. Platinum Level Response (2-4 Hours)
  2. Targeted First Time Fix >97% across all machines per month
  3. ‘Up’ time per machine no less than 98% across all machines per month
  4. Colour Management Support
  5. Service Review Meetings monthly or quarterly, to include full reporting on the fleet of machines for the reporting period
  6. Scheduled weekly or monthly engineer visits to carry out machine checks and preventative measures to ensure maximum fleet up time.
  7. Site stock – parts held on site to maximise device uptime


The vast majority of faults will be responded to and resolved to your full satisfaction, within our contractual or product Service Level Agreements. However, if you need to escalate a matter, please refer to the escalation path as detailed below:

Level Product Contact Contact Number Contact Email Address Escalation Path
One Canon & Ricoh Rob Jenkins 07973 154 159 Fault has not been dealt with within SLA
One Kyocera & Konica Minolta Jason Smith 07858 518 368 Fault has not been dealt with within SLA
Two All Stacey Lowe 0333 241 3344 Unsatisfactory progress escalating to level One
Three All Rick Downing 07964 556 765 Unsatisfactory progress escalating to level Two


In the unlikely event that the resolution to a fault cannot be resolved by our Support Technician on the initial call, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Site visit scheduled for a Product Specialist
  2. If the fault is not resolved, a revisit will be scheduled for the Product Specialist and Area Field Supervisor
  3. If the fault is not resolved on the revisit, the Area Field Supervisor will escalate to our Service Management team, who will engage with the relevant manufacturer. A visit by one of their product specialists may be required and scheduled, if so.

Following the steps above, if the machine is deemed to be non repairable or its performance is considered to be seriously ‘business affecting’ for the client, consideration will be given to providing a like for like Service Swap device.

If the machine is in a ‘Down’ state, a decision to replace it will be considered prior to the fault reaching a Level 3 Escalation.